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Project Bootstrapping:


"The technique of starting with existing resources to create something more complex and effective."

Using mGear framework as a starting point, I will help you establish a flexible and reliable character creation pipeline for your Film, Game, or Animation Series project.

Project bootstrapping can be adjusted to your needs and can include:

  • Character pipeline design and mGear custom integration in the general pipeline such as an in-house pipeline, OpenPype, Prims, Avalon or any other pipeline.

  • Rigging standardization

  • Rigging pipeline packaging for outsourcing.

  • Training and documentation for your rigging team and outsourcing studios.

  • mGear Custom Development

  • Pyblish quality control validators

  • Creation of the initial characters rigs to establish the quality standards and as a template guide for the rest.

  • Support for all the project length

  • Rigging team coaching

  • Character modeling consulting


Feature film quality Facial and Body rigs using mGear.

Development and standardization of feature film quality rigs using mGear framework.

  • Custom Facial and Body solutions

  • Creation of Master rigs/Templates

  • Standardization and training for the rigging team

  • Support and iterations during production

mGear support

If you're using mGear in your project, I can help you solve any questions and fix priority bugs for your project.
With a support contract, you'll have the ability to influence mGear's future development and features.

mGear Custom Development

mGear has many tools and modular components to create your characters' rigs. However, every project has its unique needs and specifications. Custom development can help fit mGear better in your pipeline and cover edge cases specific to your project.

mGear Custom Training

If you want to adopt mGear in your studio or have already done so, custom training for your team can help you get the most out of mGear Framework.

Consulting in projects using mGear

If you're working on a project using mGear but the pipeline isn't as smooth as you'd like, I'd be happy to help by providing a second pair of eyes to ensure that the pipeline is working flawlessly.

Character Rigging on-demand using mGear

It is not my primary focus, but I make exceptions from time to time. If you need to rig characters using mGear, and I'm unable to help, I'll be happy to refer you to another colleague who uses mGear.

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