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KEMURI Teaser Trailer | ▧ UNSEEN

We have been working with Unseen for the past 2 years, and finally, the cat is out of the bag. It is an honor and privilege to be part of the team. Thanks Unseen!

KEMURI - Teaser Trailer | ▧ UNSEEN

An original IP concepted & created by Ikumi Nakamura, developed by ▧ UNSEEN.

KEMURI summons you into a realm where the unpredictable meets the extraordinary in an urban jungle where mysterious creatures - YOKAI - hide amongst the population. Become a YOKAI HUNTER and use your FOX WINDOW to unravel the mysteries of the city and bring balance to the world. Dive into a thrilling adventure alone or with friends, hunt yokai in style, collect their powers and face even greater challenges.

Where there are sightings of KEMURI…yokai are sure to follow. The only question that remains is: How will you Hunt the Unseen?

Find more info at:

TEASER Credits

Directed by: Liam Wong & Raúl Ibarra

3D & Tech Art Direction: Daisuke Minatoya

Animation: Raúl Ibarra

Concept Art: MAI

Character Art: NASS

Environment Art: Trey McNair, Erick Tjoe, Yurie Kawana, Charlotte Baglioni, Nicolas Millot, Yi Kai Cheung

World: Arnaud Tuduri

Video Editing: Federico Capogreco

Sound Design: Takayasu Sodeoka

VFX & Compositing: Petrol Ad, Omar Espinosa

Rigging: Miquel Campos

Production: Kyoko Fujiwara, Michelle Lai, Giin Choi

Special thanks to: UNSEEN team


Follow our journey at: @unseentokyo


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